Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Independence War | Civilization 4 Colonization Screenshot

Independence War | Civilization 4 Colonization Screenshot
Civ 4 col game is won when all of the king units are destroyed after declearing the Independence. In this game, I got myself involved against 2 000 soldiers, 1 000 dragoons, 1 200 artilleries amd 1 200 ships on higher difficulty and with no world builder help. I faced the king's army with 300 soldiers, 200 dragoons, 70 cannons, 11 ships and 21 cities - all making food, horses and weapons for new soldiers. In the first two turns all my ships fell, as I wolud soon leave the coastal cities and there is nothing to do against so many Man-O-Wars. The game plan was to attack with full health dragoons and retreat for healing. Coastal cities are bad idea for defense, but I managed to hold 4-5 turns while the first one fell. A few reataliation attack with only cannons and while still having roads were a big mistake from my side, but yet some more enemy units gone. When all 5 sea cities fell I thought i could hold them on the second line. Now the only concern were the enemy artilleries as if they get near the city, they will reduce the defense to 0, and the city is as good as gone. 5-7 turns and my dragoons were extremely exhausted. the king was stacking units of 50 and more, so I could hardly reach the artilleries. Had to leave 2 cites from the second line. By turn 25-30 of the independence I had just one veteran dragoon left with the double healing upgrade. The second line was gone and all colonists, farmers and workers, were now soldiers fighting even on yellow bar. The king still had around 300 artilleries, which were my nightmare. the difficult terrain should slow down the enemy advance and keeping units in occupied cities gave a moment to breath and heal. But not for too long. More stacked in 20 and 30 armies were knocking at the third line. When it fell i had 8 cities 3 of which did not produce tools. Yet I didn't gave up. The 50 dragoons left were at maximum levels of experience and when attaching at full health no one could stop them. A lot of foot soldiers from the colonies were good at defending behind the city walls and enemy soldiers and dragoons just perished there. Finally the king was with 300 soldiers and 30 artilleries. He had to defend the occupied cities so no more advance waves. To return those cities was more than easy with the 8 colonies producing cannons. It was a two days battle, as one turn at the beginning could take half and hour and even more :) But I can not really explain the pleasure of winning.

Here is the replay for this epic game on you tube.

(Recorded adventure archive March 12 2017)

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